private classes


One on One and Small Intimate Group Sessions

Everyone is unique and general classes may not address what we specifically need due to our physical condition, mental and emotional needs, and age group.  Traditionally yoga was taught one on one. Private sessions are tailored to meet each individual's specific needs and goals, offering many techniques for a safe and in-depth yoga practice.   It allows time for detailed instruction, modifications, adjustments, and inquiry.  Classically, yoga is approached differently through the stages of our life.

Sessions may focus in the Vinyasa Krama system and/or Yoga Nidra.  Vinyasa Krama is centered in yoga philosophy using conscious, slow breath specific vinyasa & pranayama with mudra, bandha, meditation, and chanting.   Yoga Nidra is a state of expanded awareness in deep relaxation.  The process uses guided verbal instruction while practiced lying down. 

One may also have sessions focused on specific practices.  

Vinyasa Krama - Learn:

  • the foundational ujjayi breath and how it is specifically used during vinyasa and pranayama practice 
  • grounding and experience being in our bodies
  • Slow yogasana synchronized with the conscious breath 
  • basic alignment and modifications as it applies to the individual
  • the ten kramas (sequences) with prep and follow up vinyasas, subroutines, and how to intelligently combine vinyasas from each or a few kramas
  • to experience how our breath facilitates the anatomical structuring of our postures
  • how effort transitions into effortlessness and more grace and ease in our movements and breath
  • mindfulness - focusing and concentrating on our breath, being in the present moment

  • subtle yogic elements 

  • morning kriyas (cleansing)

  • ​Bandhas - energetic locks/seals

  • pranayama - conscious (breathing) practices

  • mudra, meditation and chanting

  • healthy lifestyle and diet choices that support our practice 

  • accessible yoga philosophy and how it applies to our practice and lifestyle

  • ​how to create a home practice and tools to take to work

Yoga Nidra:

  • experience a state of deep conscious sleep with many healing side effects

Maintaining the science of yoga, yoga as a system helps with our modern day imbalances due to multi tasking, living in a fast paced society, anxiety and stress.  Reducing our rajas (restlessness, body/mind disturbances), tamas (inactivity, lethargy, laziness) and promoting sattva (purity, clarity, calmness, peace).

Personal instruction provides the tools, guidance and inspiration for students to begin and maintain a home practice.