"I've done many yoga classes with Kara, both group and private instruction. She is the highest caliber of any yoga teacher I've had.  She is personally trained by some of the most authentic yoga and meditation adepts and it comes through in her teaching. Lots of attention to breath. You won't find this kind of yoga in any yoga studio. This is the real deal. And she teaches all levels so you never feel pressure to perform. There's no ego in this style of yoga. You will feel fantastic, deepen your practice, and feel safe to push your limits without hurting yourself in the process."  Ben, Santa Rosa​​​

"Great all around yoga teacher. Inspiring! Kara possesses deep knowledge of yoga as a spiritual and healing path. She has a good balance in her classes to leave you properly challenged both physically and spiritually. Her sensitive heart is an asset that really allows her to tune into her students."  K.D., Santa Rosa

"My favorite yoga teacher - I highly value Kara's commitment to offer an authentic yogic tradition, which is rare in the current yoga culture. I always come away from a class with Kara feeling centered, strong and rejuvenated.  Very few yoga teachers offer what Kara does. If you are looking for an authentic yoga practice that is just the right amount of challenge and flowing grace, always honoring the breath - then you will love Kara's class."  A.S., Sebastopol

​"One of Sonoma County's best yoga teachers - I have studied yoga for many years and I am fussy about who I will let teach me. Kara is one of the best teachers around. Her depth of knowledge regarding so many facets of yoga (beyond āsanas) is remarkable. She is very compassionate and individualizes her classes so that all will gain something whether they're experienced or new. She also works very well with injured students and those needing special help. While she is a master of āsana practice she also has great spiritual depth. I am fortunate to count her as a teacher."  Joel, Santa Rosa

"One of the best teachers in Sonoma!  I've had the good luck to experience Kara's skills in multiple settings over the years. She knows how to connect with her students, understands the body and its limitations, while allowing every student to open up as she knows they can. Great class every time!" Bobbie L., Cotati

"I've taken both private and group yoga classes with Kara and have always really enjoyed them. I appreciate her approach to teaching, which is slow but challenging and I love the pranayama/breathing exercises. I always have a deeper sense of peace/calmness with a new surge of energy throughout after taking Kara’s class! She is fantastic." Jen M.

"I have had the privilege of having Kara as both a massage therapist and a yoga instructor. In both cases she pays attention to details. I have had dozens and dozens of massage therapists and in my opinion Kara has consistently given me the best massages. She seems to always intuitively know the correct pressure my muscles need and I think she has more pressure control in her elbows than most therapist have in their thumbs. And she works the areas I ask her to, as opposed to just doing a generic routine as I have found a lot of therapists do, even after asking. As a yoga instructor Kara has a detailed eye for correct asanas and was able to give me suggestions equal to my abilities. She was also more patient than other instructors about teaching her students to connect the poses to the breath." Bryan D., Penngrove