Kara Weimer, RYT, CMP

Healing Arts Practitioner

Yoga, Bodywork 

(707) 235-1413


Connect with the breath

​Knowing there is a Divine spark in all of us, my life is dedicated to removing the darkness covering the light of my soul, letting it shine brighter and brighter. Through my own journey of self discovery, I am committed to assisting and inspiring others on their journey to physical and spiritual wholeness.  I've personally been through lots of fumbling and stumbling in life, and know that healing and self growth can be uncomfortable at times as we let go of the old to boldly embrace and unfold our unlimited potential.  I've learned that by accepting our challenges and struggles as an opportunity for growth - we build faith, strength, character and resilience while embodying more compassion and empathy.  I believe in keeping a sense of humor through it all, surrendering, "Letting Go and Letting God", falling down and getting back up again. 

Working with mind-body-spirit approaches to my own health, psychological and spiritual growth has been a very profound and transforming experience. I know personally that by applying holistic approaches to well-being we address the interconnection in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Our thoughts and emotions have an affect on our physical body and our physical health also reflects how we think and feel. When we begin to get more in touch with our body, mind and emotions and more accepting of ourselves - and maintain practices that take us inward, we begin to tap into our spiritual wisdom. Through bodywork, movement, yoga, meditation, positive thinking and feeling, mindfulness, and conscious lifestyle and diet choices - we can experience a deeper understanding of ourselves, achieve optimal well-being, embrace our authenticity and experience living a full life.