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Knowing there is a Divine spark in all of us, my life is dedicated to removing the darkness covering the light of my soul, allowing the inner wisdom of the heart to be my guide.  Through my own journey of self discovery, I am committed to inspiring others on their journey to physical and spiritual wholeness.  I've personally been through lots of fumbling and stumbling in life, and know that healing and self growth can be uncomfortable at times as we let go of  our  old patterns and embrace the unknown.  I've learned that by accepting our challenges and struggles as an opportunity for growth - we build faith, strength, character and resilience while embodying more compassion and empathy.  I believe in keeping a sense of humor through it all, surrendering - "Letting Go and Letting God", falling down and getting back up again. Working with mind-body-spirit approaches to my own health, psychological and spiritual growth has been a very profound and transforming experience. I know personally that by applying holistic approaches to well-being we address the interconnection in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Our thoughts and emotions have an affect on our physical body and our physical health also reflects how we think and feel. When we become more conscious of our breath, body, mind and emotions and more accepting of ourselves - and maintain practices that take us inward, we begin to tap into our spiritual wisdom. Through yogic conscious breath & movement, meditation, positive thinking and feeling, mindfulness, bodywork, and healthy lifestyle and diet choices - we can experience a deeper understanding of ourselves, achieve optimal well-being, embrace our authenticity and experience living a full life.

​​​Pranic LifeVedic & Healing Arts


Yogic mind-body wellness and fitness as a lifestyle, and the higher pursuits of yoga began thousands of years ago, and the secrets were tightly held by the masters of the Nath Sampradaya.  Vedic lifestyle integration is the most powerful body/mind approach available in the world today.  

Kara has been studying the vedic and healing arts for over 25 years.  As a dedicated student of self inquiry and mind-body-spirit integration and healing, she has been blessed to study with Indian Masters and other experts including realized Nath Yoga Masters, Vedic Scholars & Ayurvedic Doctors.   

​Kara is a devotee, student and initiate of His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, a highly ordained Himalayan Vedic monk and Sanskrit scholar,  who is a Kriyāyogi and a Meditation Master from the combined heritage of Rishi Sages and Nath Yogis.  His Holiness founded the nonprofit Self Enquiry Life Fellowship (Hansavedas) in the west, which is overseen by a monastic council of ordained erudite vedic monks - to preserve and disseminate indigenous Sanskrit wisdom.  Kara began tutelage with His Holiness in 2012 after many years of study with another Himalayan Yogi.   

Under the guidance and transmission of His Holiness, Kara receives Sanskrit wisdom teachings including Yogic/Vedic philosophy in the Shruti method,  Ayurvedic Wellness and High Pranic living based on the soli-lunar calendar, Mindfulness, Himalayan Yoga Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama, Mantra, and Vedantic and Yogic Meditation.  She was initiated into a Siddha practice in the Himalayan Nath Tradition of advanced pranayama and surya kriya meditation practices.   

Kara's in-depth Vinyasa Krama studies also include Krishnamacharya's Himalayan lineage with Pam Johnson (one of Srivatsa Ramaswami's first american students) and Srivatsa Ramaswami (yogic-vedic scholar, disciple of Krishnamacharya for over 33 years).  Kara continues studies with Ramaswami and Pam.  She received certification with Srivatsa Ramaswami and has been mentored by Pam with precise detail in vinyasa krama nuances for several years.   Kara has taken her deep studies of this vinyasa and pranayama system, a practice that leads to neuromuscular fitness, enhanced concentration and stillness, with heartfelt sincerity to deliver this rare science to the modern yoga student.  

Kara is presently pursuing an ayurvedic certification program through the American Institute of Vedic Studies (Dr. David Frawley) and marma therapy with Anisha Durve.  

Kara's other training and background (not a full list) includes ongoing personal practice, scriptural study and in depth studies with many Masters and well known significant teachers including:

  • Beginning Sanskrit with Swami Adhyatmananda Giri
  • Yoga Nidra Certification with Dr Marc Halperin (California College of Ayurveda)
  • Trauma Informed Yoga with Uprising Yoga
  • Worked as a back office assistant to Dr. Helen Thomas (Ayurveda, NAET, Chiropractic) 2004-2005, soaking up her knowledge of Ayurveda and working hands on with herbs.  Dr. Helen trained Kara in Shirodhara
  • Shirodhara Certification with Dr. Narendra Pendse  2004
  • ​​Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training Certification with Clayton Horton (Greenpath Yoga)​ 2003
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Studies: Ann Austin, Pattabhi Jois, It's Yoga Calistoga, Greenpath Yoga SF, workshops with John Smith, Bhavani Maki
  • Asana Anatomy training with Tias Little
  • Yogic Study under the tutelage of Himalayan Master Yogiraj Siddhanath (2000-2012) - Kundalini Kriya Yoga (initiate), Surya Yoga, and Hamsa Yoga meditation, yogic healing practices, pranayama, mantra, yogic wisdom  
  • Kriya Yoga initiation with Swami Sarveswaranada
  • Self Realization Fellowship Home Study 
  • Devotee/Student of Satya Sai Baba - Bhakti Yoga, Bhajans, Namasmarana, Meditation, Seva, study at San Francisco and other bay area Sai Baba Centers.  Resided in his ashrams in Puttaparthi and Whitefield for 2 months in 1998
  • Hatha Yoga with Dr. Rao's Yoga and Ayurvedic Center in Puttaparthi, India 1998
  • Resided at Anand Ashram in Kerala practicing Nama, Dhyana Sadhana under the guidance of Swami Satchidananda 1998
  • San Francisco Royal Acadamy of Belly Dance Troupe Member
  • ​Baptiste Method Yoga (Magaña and Walt) certification 1998
  • Magaña Baptiste Method of Danse Orientale certification 1998 
  • Middle Eastern Dance Studies, Spiritual Movement: Magaña Baptiste, Devi Ananda Baptiste, Lorna Zilba, workshops with Wendy Buenaventura, Dr. Mo Geddawi and Asia 

​Kara attended Alive and Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork in 1995 for her initial bodywork education and received additional training at Lifestream Massage School, World School of Massage and Thai Healing Massage Academy.   She received her Reiki Master training with Suzanne Louise.  

​Kara has been practicing bodywork since 1996 and teaching yoga and meditation since 2003.  Kara's teaching approach is grounded in the directive that  "yoga is a superscience - it shouldn't be practiced casually".  She remains dedicated to traditional yogic/vedic teachings, self study, upholding the integrity of yoga and lifelong studies in consciousness and healing systems and modalities.  Knowing the importance of maintaining a personal daily yogic regimen, Kara's goal is to guide, give the tools needed and empower students to build a home practice alongside studying with her.  Students who are looking for something deeper than a workout, or interim stress relief/relaxation, and understand the importance and necessity of maintaining personal practices (which are lineage based, aligned with the philososphy), will resonate with her teaching.  Her gentle sensitivity and deep spiritual training makes her especially talented at supporting her students into a deeper understanding of lifestyles, health and the achievement of physical/spiritual/emotional excellence.